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Partner Universities & Colleges in Czech Republic

There are numerous reasons to study in the Czech Republic, including institutions with long-standing reputations, innovative concepts and intriguing specialties, inexpensive tuition and living costs, and, last but not least, a dynamic and colorful cultural life in the heart of Europe.

Universities in the Czech Republic provide a diverse range of programs at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. levels, as well as summer and winter schools, language and preparation courses. Each institution is accredited, which means that its courses are recognized by businesses and organizations throughout the country and Europe.

Studying in the Czech Republic puts you in the heart of Europe and allows you to travel all around the continent. You can work part-time while studying, and after graduation, you can stay and create your own business. The Czech Republic can provide you with not just a strategic position, but also a large expat population and the regional headquarters of major worldwide corporations.

Universities in the Czech Republic have a long history of teaching students in a variety of areas. From Science and Technology to Anthropology, Literature and Arts to Law, students may discover great courses taught by some of the top specialists in their subjects.

The following are some excellent disciplines to study in the Czech Republic:

  • Degrees in Computer Science

  • Engineering diplomas

  • Diplomas in International Relations

  • Finance diplomas

  • Diplomas in politics

  • Diplomas in International Development

Do you need IELTS to apply to Czech universities?
To apply to study in the Czech Republic, you will need to present confirmation of English competence.
The following credentials are commonly recognised by Czech universities: PTE Academic, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Sri Lankan students must meet certain entry requirements.
If you wish to study at a Czech university, you must have your past completed studies acknowledged (nostrification) by the Czech recognition authority. The primary prerequisite for beginning studies is the successful completion of the preceding level of study. Passes in all GCE AL subjects for a Bachelor's degree; successfully completed Bachelor's degree for a Master's degree; Master's degree for a Doctoral study program).

Tuition fees and living costs in the Czech Republic
There are two types of universities in the Czech Republic: public and private institutions.


Public institutions are less expensive; nonetheless, tuition fees vary based on the language of teaching. You can study for free if you enroll in a program taught in Czech. You'll spend between 0 and 20,000 EUR each year for English-taught classes.

Private institutions are often more expensive than public universities since they are allowed to determine their own tuition rates.

The Czech Republic is comparatively affordable in comparison to the rest of Europe. However, living expenses might vary depending on where you live. Going to a metropolis like Prague, for example, is likely to be more expensive than visiting some of the smaller, less-known destinations. The average monthly living expenses are expected to be between 300 and 650 EUR.

When are the university intakes?

Remember to keep application deadlines in mind, especially for the printed form of your application, which must be mailed to the institution before the deadline.

  • The deadline for applying to Czech public universities is in February.

  • The deadline for applying to Czech art schools is November.

  • March - April is the application deadline for Czech Technical Faculties.

  • Dates of the entrance exams: May - July


Some programs in the Czech Republic require students to take an entrance test before being admitted to the institution.

While studying in the Czech Republic, you can work.
Students at Czech universities have the legal right to work 20 hours a week.

Do you get to stay in the Czech Republic after finishing your studies?
Students from non-EU countries (Sri Lanka) are entitled to apply for a long-term permission to work or start a company after successfully finishing a university degree certified by the Czech Ministry of Education. The permission is valid for a period of nine months.

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