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Partner Universities & Colleges in Hungary

Hungary is located in Central/Eastern Europe, bordering Austria to the west and Romania to the east, for example. It has a population of around 10 million people, 3 million of whom dwell in Budapest, the capital. Szeged, Pécs, and Debrecen are other prominent student cities. Hungary is becoming a more attractive destination for overseas students.

Hundreds of colleges around the country offer totally English-taught programs. There are hundreds of English study programs accessible for overseas students across all academic areas. These degrees adhere to the European Bologna plan and are recognized throughout Europe and the rest of the globe.

Hungary is particularly well-known for its medical and dentistry institutions, several of which provide customized programs for international students. Hungary is a sophisticated and secure country, yet its living costs are among the lowest in Europe. Hungary is a varied, cosmopolitan country with many exciting opportunities for international students.

How much does it cost to study in Hungary?
Depending on the university and the program, you may anticipate to spend between 2,500 and 3,000 euros per year; engineering degrees might cost up to 5,000 euros per year. Tuition expenses for studying medicine or dentistry typically range between 6,000 and 8,000 euros each year.

Considering accommodation, food, transport, and other things, you can get by on less than 600 euros per month in Budapest (the capital), and on less than 500 euros per month in the smaller cities.

What are the admission criteria for studying at a Hungarian university?
International students must fulfill specific eligibility standards in order to be admitted to any university in Hungary. In terms of founding, each university has its own set of prerequisites.

To be eligible for a Bachelor's degree, you must pass all of your GCE AL topics. A bachelor's degree is necessary to pursue a Master's degree, and a Master's qualification is required to pursue a Ph.D.

Is IELTS a requirement for studying in Hungary?
You must present formal documentation of your current English language level in order to study for an English-taught degree in Hungary.

This is decided by taking one of the following worldwide English exams, and the minimal scores for admission are specified by each Hungarian university:

  • PTE Academic

  • IELTS Academic


When are the university intakes?

In Hungary, there are two intakes for international students. Intake in the fall and spring. The fall semester begins in September. It is known as the Primary Intake. All courses are available to overseas students at all universities. From August until October, you can apply for September intake in Hungary. Apply at least one month before your deadline.

Spring enrollment begins in February. It is referred to as the Secondary Intake. There are plenty of courses available for those who did not enroll in the autumn.

How many hours a week can an international student work while studying in Hungary?
International students can normally work 20-24 hours per week and 66 days per year during the holidays.

How long does a post-study work visa in Hungary last?
Non-EU/EEA and Swiss students who have graduated from a Hungarian university or other higher education institution are eligible for the Study-to-Work visa. This permission permits you to remain in the nation for an additional nine months after graduation.

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