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Partner Universities & Colleges in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, formally the Principality of Liechtenstein, is a landlocked alpine nation in Central Europe, bordered on the west and south by Switzerland and on the east and north by Austria. It covers a little more than 160 square kilometers (62 sq mi). Vaduz is the capital. Despite its limited natural resources, Liechtenstein has established a wealthy, highly industrialized free-enterprise economy with a financial services industry and a living level that is comparable to that of its big European neighbors' urban centers.

The Swiss National Bank issues Liechtenstein's national currency, the Swiss franc. Bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degree programs are available at Liechtenstein University.

How much does it cost to study in Liechtenstein?
Liechtenstein's tuition fees are comparable to those in several other European nations. The fees differ widely based on the institution and program in which the student enrolls. The average cost of tuition per academic year is CHF 4,946. (EUR 4,000; USD 5,132).

On average, you should budget roughly CHF 1,500 each month. This covers lodging, food, and travel expenditures. In addition, students must factor in the cost of health insurance. Covering basic healthcare bills might cost you roughly CHF 67 per month.

What are the criteria for studying in Liechtenstein's universities?

GCE ALs with passes in all topics are required for admission to a bachelor's degree program. Successful completion of a suitable bachelor's degree is required for admission to master's study.

Is IELTS a requirement for Liechtenstein students?
Proof of English ability is required to enroll in an English-taught program at one of Liechtenstein's institutions. PTE and IELTS are both acceptable.

When are the university intakes?

Summer and Fall intake are the two most common application times. Check with the respective university for unique admissions dates.

How many hours may an international student work in Liechtenstein throughout their studies?
To work during their studies, all students with a valid Liechtenstein residence permit must first get a working permission from the Ausländer- und Passamt.

What is the period of a Liechtenstein post-study work permit?
There is no post-study employment visa available.

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