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Our student stories

For over a decade, we have been consulting students and professionals from all across Sri Lanka. See how we have helped out our clients to achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

This is their story!

Playlist - Migration videos

Best Canadian Post Graduate course for Bankers of Sri Lanka

This 2 year post graduate certificate program at Lambton College is designed specifically for professionals in the banking sector of Sri Lanka. The 2-year programs gives you the opportunity to sit for the Canadian Securities Course (CSE) and you will be fully licensed to work in any Canadian Financial Institutions. You will also be given industry placements in the second year which can eventually be converted to full time permanent positions.

Settle in Canada - Complete guidance on Migrating and Settling in Canada

This session is hosted by NAVITAS, presented by Mr. Jacques Therrien, a regulated immigration consultant from Manitoba, Canada. Watch the full session to get an idea on the immigration process to Canada.

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